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Active fund management. For real.

Didner & Gerge is an independent fund management firm founded in 1994 in Uppsala. We pursue real active fund management, and our goal is to create best in class long-term returns.

In our active fund management, we strive to deliver a return that exceeds relevant benchmarks, while maintaining a reasonable level of risk. It is our genuine belief that active management will outperform the benchmarks over time. The stock exchange has historically fluctuated and will most certainly continue to do so. That’s why we always recommend our clients, individuals as well as institutional, to have a long-term investment horizon. Five years or longer.

Focus on our best investment ideas

The major advantage of being an independent fund management firm is that we can focus fully on the administration of our funds without regards to other practices and other departments business goals within the company. Our only aim is to create good returns for our clients based on our best investment ideas, regardless of industry or market weights.

Furthermore, our philosophy is to be fully invested over time as we refrain from having definite ideas of the stock markets development. The idea is always to pick stocks for the funds’ portfolios that will generate higher returns than relevant benchmark indexes over time.

All our funds have two managers. This means that they work in tandem, challenging and testing each other’s investment ideas and deciding jointly which stock to buy, sell or retain. Our focus on companies and stocks also create an inspiring environment and atmosphere, retaining our co-workers longer. Which creates continuity, stability and engagement. Of course, they invest in the funds themselves that they and their colleagues manage.

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Contact us, we will be happy to help

If you’re interested in finding out more about our funds or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. An initial contact with us is also required before any purchases of shares in our funds can be completed.

We will always strive to offer you the best possible service and to execute our work as expedient as we can. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Remember that investments in mutual funds are associated with risk. An investor may not receive the full amount of the investment back and should always be ready to accept fluctuations in the price of the fund. None of the information presented on this site should be considered as solicitation or encourage to purchase shares in our funds. Always read through the KIID and prospectus of the fund before considering an investment.

These documents can be found on or be ordered from the fund company at +46 18 640 540.

Key Investor Information Documents

UK tax reporting

Didner & Gerge Small and Microcap has elected to be “Reporting Fund” for UK tax purposes. UK taxable investors who hold shares in the fund as at the last day of the fund’s accounting period are required to look up the reportable income on this website and include it in their UK tax return.

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