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As a client at Didner & Gerge, you can expect our portfolio managers to take an active, sustainable and long-term approach to generating returns on your investment. Our active equity strategies are characterized by bottom up stockpicking in concentrated portfolios and an information advantage derived from proprietary research. Get in touch today for more information. 

True active management

Didner & Gerge is an independent fund management firm founded in 1994 in Uppsala. We offer actively managed funds whose objective is to deliver better returns than average in the long term.

In our active fund management, we aim to deliver a return that exceeds relevant benchmarks while maintaining a reasonable level of risk. It is our genuine belief that active management will outperform the benchmarks over time. The stock exchange has historically fluctuated and will most certainly continue to do so. That’s why we always recommend our clients, individuals as well as institutional, to have a long-term investment horizon of five years or longer.

Sustainable Investment Policy

Our fundamental view is that a well-managed company is one that respects international norms and agreements regarding human rights, labour, the environment and corruption. Responsible and sustainable conduct is in the best interests of our unitholders and ourselves. Accordingly, we take a long-term perspective when we invest and our constant ambition is to find companies that understand the importance of conserving resources and minimising risk.

Important information

Investments involve risk. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance. The value of the money invested in the fund can increase or decrease and there is no guarantee that all of your invested capital can be redeemed. None of the information presented on this site should be considered as solicitation or encouragement to purchase shares in our funds. Prior to making a subscription, we encourage you to read the fund's prospectus and key investor information document. These documents can be found below and can also be ordered by contacting us at +46 18 640 540.