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Information about risk

Remember that investments in fund units is always associated with risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The value of the capital invested in a fund may either increase or decrease in value and it is not certain that you will be able to recover all of your investment.

There is a risk of large fluctuations when investing in shares and for that reason we recommend an investment horizon of five years or more. The investor must be prepared to accept large fluctuations in the fund price.

Risks that the fund, and its shareholders, may be exposed to include: market risk, industry risk, company risk, interest risk, inflation risk, liquidity risk and foreign exchange risk. The Prospectus of the fund contains more information about the risks the fund may be exposed to.

Before making an investment you should take part of the fund’s KIID (Key Investor Information Document). The KIID and the Prospectus can be found on our website www.didnergerge.se or ordered by telephone +46 18 640 540.

Riskinformation: Kom ihåg att sparande i fonder alltid är förknippat med risk. Historisk avkastning är ingen garanti för framtida avkastning. Fonderna kan både öka och minska i värde och det är inte säkert att du får tillbaka hela det insatta beloppet. Ta alltid del av faktablad innan du genomför ett köp. Faktablad och informationsbroschyr finns tillgängliga på vår hemsida eller kan tillhandahållas brevledes. Kontakta oss på 018-640 540 så skickar vi dig denna information kostnadsfritt.